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Baltimore Washington One Caribbean Carnival  Parade

Exciting news! The Baltimore Washington One Caribbean Carnival Parade is back, and it's happening on July 13th! Our 2024 theme is "Nou La." Komite Ayiti, Inc. is currently in the planning stages for our mas band. We're looking for dancers, volunteers, and more to join us for this vibrant celebration. 

Did you know? In 2019, Komite Ayiti, Inc. introduced the FIRST Haitian mas band to the Baltimore Washington One Caribbean Carnival Parade, and we proudly took home first place in the "Band of the Year Small (Non-Costume)" category.

 Are you interested in participating in Kanaval or being a sponsor? Send an email to Let's make this year's Kanaval an unforgettable experience!

Kanaval 2019.jpg
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