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Membership in Komite Ayiti Baltimore


So, how can you become involved with Komite Ayiti? For starters, it is free! Come join us and be involved in the creation of programming that fits needs of the greater Baltimore area in general, and the Haitian community in particular. As a community development and advocacy group, we thrive on forward-thinking individuals who are willing to volunteer their time, effort, and talents towards our mission. 


For those looking for a deeper level of involvement beyond volunteering, you can also become a member. The first six months of your membership is free. To become a full member with voting rights and a greater influence in the strategic direction of the organization, an annual payment of dues is assessed at the beginning of each calendar year. The individual member dues are $50 for the 2017 calendar year, to be assessed the first week of January 2017. 


Your $50 contribution goes towards supporting the social and cultural activities of the group, including but not limited to: picnics, potlucks, cultural exhibitions, dance classes, language classes, and other events showcasing the wonderful depth and breadth of Haitian culture. Please reach out to any of the current members of Komite Ayiti for more information regarding programming for the upcoming year. Whether it’s to lend a hand as a volunteer, or become more involved as a full-fledged member, we look forward to hearing from you!

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